verified by Psychology TodayAfter graduating from the University of Florida with her Master’s and Specialist’s degrees in mental health counseling in 1992, Terry Rodriguez trained an additional three years as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She has been licensed (MFT) through the State of Florida since 1996. Furthermore, she is a Certified Hypnotherapist, having trained intensively for four months, well exceeding the requirements by the State of Florida to practice hypnosis.

She has held several positions supervising other therapists, including for eight years at University of Florida’s Department of OB/GYN’s MIC Psychosocial Counseling Program. Therefore, she has considerable knowledge and experience to draw upon in counseling individuals, couples or families.

Terry Rodriguez has also recently completed a two year intensive on Emotionally Focused Therapy which is a cutting edge, highly effective, evidence based, couple’s therapy model.  She is only one of a handful of therapists in Gainesville who has received this training.  In addition, she has trained with the renowned Patrick Carnes, in Sexual Addiction therapy.

She has also trained in EMDR, a powerful therapy which has been empirically supported to relieve anxiety, and symptoms of trauma or complicated grief.  EMDR is an experiential therapy while traditional talk therapy sometimes stays on a more surface level.  Sometimes she uses EMDR in combinations with hypnotherapy and other more traditional therapies in her work with clients.